• What Makes Mistair Pro So Good?


    Since the early days of airbrush make-up (the first use of cosmetic airbrushing is often debated but most agree it was first used for applying make-up in 1958 for the MGM blockbuster Ben-Hurr) advancements in technology have led to huge improvements in the quality of the product. Mistair has improved it's signature formula a few times over the last 25 years but we think we have the perfect formula in our Mistair Professional range. But what makes it so good?

    Extensive range


    Boasting 49 shades in the entire line, Mistair Professional comprises of foundations, correctors, blush, highlighters and even brow colours.
    Our corrector colours make it so easy to create the absolutely perfect base shade for anyone. One drop can alter the undertones in seconds. Mixing shades with an airbrush is such a quick and effective practice using the back-bubbling technique.

    The HD Finish

    In addition to a super long-lasting formula (minimum 12 hours!), the Mistair Pro line offers a natural, skin-like finish so it can be applied to be unnoticeable on camera. Coverage is buildable and can be layered to create anything from a no make-up look to a full glam finish.

    Mistair's airbrush make-up was expertly designed to work well under HD cameras. The ultra-fine mist that the airbrush provides matches that of HD pixels - making visible brush strokes or sponge marks a thing of the past!

    To top it all off, the Mistair Pro range is moisture and smudge resistant once set!


    Due to the lightweight formulation, Mistair Pro make-up can be adapted to give anything from a matte to glowing finish. The silicone-based formula creates almost a flexible film over the skin which really lets the natural finish of the skin shine through (or not, if you are after a matte finish). Simply alter your skin care preparation: for a matte finish use magnifying products or use an illuminating moisturiser to give a healthy glow.

    With the same idea in mind, Mistair is suitable for all skin types and the only difference would be with the skin preparation.

    Make-up artists are hooked once they try the extremely versatile formula so why not give it a go! Mistair Pro is available in starter packs of 7.5ml bottles of individually in 30ml bottles.
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  • Mistair at UMAE 2016

    The Mistair team headed to UMAE this year to showcase some awesome airbrushing! Check out what we got up to in our film below

    Meet the Mistair Team

    Olly Fisk

    Olly has been with the company for 4 years and as the Mistair Brand Ambassador is our in-house airbrush expert. Olly regularly works on editorial photo shoots always accompanied by Mistair, of course!

    Jane Maier

    Jane is a TV/Film make-up artist and airbrush pro! Jane has worked on projects including Game of Thrones, World War Z and Dawson's Creek to name a few.

    Laura Myatt

    Laura is one of our fabulous Sales Executives and resident expert on Stageline Professional Make-up. She is the friendly face who visits many salons who stock Stageline and Mistair to offer support and updates on new collections and events.

  • Mistair Affiliate Scheme

    Mistair Affiliates

    Mistair is offering make-up artists, bloggers and social media influencers the chance to earn money and give their followers a discount in the process!

    Why become an affiliate?

    • Earn 15% commission on each sale
    • 30 day cookie policy - if a customer browses a product through your link and makes a purchase within 30 days you will earn commission
    • Easy set-up with pre-made banners and text links
    • Exclusive access to new collection previews and events

    If you are interested in signing up to become an affiliate please send an email to info@mistair.com with links to all of your social media accounts and we will be in touch!

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