Having an issue with your airbrushing? Here are the most frequent problems and how to solve them...

  • Compressor Motor Continually Running

    If your compressor never reaches the cut-out pressure and is constantly generating more pressured air then there is most likely an air leak somewhere. Check all connections are sealed.*If you are struggling to find out where the leak is coming from, apply water around connections and you will see bubbles if there is an air leak.

  • Airbrush bubbling

    There are a few things that can cause your airbrush to bubble.

    • Check your nozzle cap isn't loose. If it is then the seal won't be complete therefore letting air in. *Remember not to over tighten!
    • If this solution doesn't work then check that the seals around the nozzle and nozzle cap aren't broken. Don't worry if it is, you can order replacements direct from us
    • If neither of these have worked then it is most likely that your airbrush nozzle is blocked with product and needs a deep clean.
  • Product constantly sprays out with no control

    If when you add product into your airbrush it starts to drip out of the front or when you press the trigger you have no control of how much product comes out, then your needle is not far enough into the airbrush.

    Remove the back of the airbrush, loosen the locking nut and tap home.


    *Remember to tighten the locking nut before replacing the back of the airbrush


  • No product coming out, just air

    If no product comes out when you use the trigger, only air, then remove the back of the airbrush and check that the locking nut is tight enough.

    The locking nut should be finger-tight so it can move the needle back and forth to let product mix with the air.


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