• Which Airbrush is Right For You?

    Which Airbrush is Right For You?

    airbrushingIf you're new to airbrushing, it can be quite confusing to know which airbrush is the best choice for you. This article will hopefully sort out any questions you have and help you translate some airbrush jargon!

    Single-action Airbrushes

    Single-action airbrushes are very simple to use, especially for beginners. They work very similarly to a spray-gun, in the way you pull back the trigger and the product will spray out. With Mistair's Onyx Airbrush, the air flow is constant so the trigger is only controlling the amount of product that sprays out.
    This type of airbrush is ideal for those looking to easily apply even coverage with make-up.

    Dual-action Airbrushes (aka Double Action)

    This type of airbrush is very responsive and great for all aspects of cosmetic airbrushing. Mistair's MA35 and SL1000 airbrushes are both dual-action, offering great versatility and a lot of airbrush techniques and effects can only be achieved using a dual-action airbrush.
    This type of airbrush is typically more compatible with thicker products, such as body paint.

    Airbrush Jargon


    All of Mistair's airbrushes are gravity-fed straight out of the box. This type of airbrush works by letting gravity pull the make-up down through the airbrush. This is typically the most common type of airbrush for cosmetic purposes because it works well with low pressure and it much more economical as it doesn't need much make-up to be able to work.


    Syphon-fed airbrushes work by pulling the paint up through an attached bottle. This type of airbrush can be a little less responsive so isn't great for detail work but is ideal for covering large areas with one colour. Mistair's SL1000 Airbrush offers an optional attachment to convert it into a 'syphon-gravity' hybrid. Depending on the angle you are working with the airbrush with this attachment, depends on which method of feed it uses. This is perfect for body painters who need to be able to spray at all angles.

    Needle/Nozzle Setup

    The parts of an airbrush which dictates what size spray it will product is the needle and nozzle. Lots of airbrushes have a fixed needle/nozzle setup, meaning they can only spray one size and you can only customise this by playing with spray distance.
    Mistair's SL1000 airbrush has an interchangeable needle/nozzle setup, with three different size options, essentially giving you three airbrushes in one. This is perfect for body art or character make-up.


    This is something to bear in mind for all airbrush artists. This refers to make-up/body paint that doesn't land on your chosen canvas but floats around in the air. This can be dangerous to breathe in so ensure you are always working in a well ventilated area.

    Pressure Adjuster/Regulator

    This refers to a part in-built or connected to the air compressor where you can adjust the air pressure that comes out of the airbrush. It works in the same way as a bleed valve, the further you turn it down, the more air escapes from the regulator, giving you a lower pressure.

  • Mistair Airlites - The Merbraid

    This year has seen a surge of rainbow hair, showcased by everyone from the Jenners to Hilary Duff. We love taking risks with our hair but why should we have to stick to one colour? Wash-out is the way to go and perfect for testing out a colour before going for a more permanent result!

    Mistair Airlites are temporary hair colours applied using an airbrush. They come in 25 colours ranging from natural brown, blonde and auburn to crazy purple, blue and silver! Colour without commitment.

    Our airbrush expert Olly Fisk shows us a super fun way to add colour into our hair.

    The Mer-braid

    I'm going to show you a super fast way to add a hint of colour into your style. Mistair Airlites stick to clean or dirty hair, so no worries if it's not wash day. What's so great about these products is that they come in so many colours and they don't set with that typical chalky finish like so many of the coloured hairspray's you're used to using.

    merbraid01This technique will work on whatever size braid and multiple colours could be used.

    Comb through the hair and lay the desired piece over a tissue.

    Spray lightly using a PSI of around 20 (This isn't too strong that it will blow the hair around but enough to effectively distribute the product).

    Use light layers to avoid product build-up.

    merbraid02For a natural finish I like to comb through the hair after applying the airlites and having left to dry for about 5 minutes (you can rinse your airbrush in this time). This will bring back the natural texture of the hair allowing it to have movement.

    Tip: for stencilled designs or hair tattoos it is better to leave the hair without touching after the airlites have been applied to avoid moving the shape of the design.

    merbraid03Once you have combed out the section of hair, incorporate into a braid for an edgy flash of colour.

    Mistair Airlites can be used as a temporary fix for root touch-up and grey coverage, filling in beard lines or even testing out styles such as balyage or highlights.

  • Mistair Introduction to Airbrushing Course

    Introduction to Airbrushing

    Mistair has designed their training courses for professional artists, knowing that many courses can leave students with questions and a lack of confidence. When you leave Mistair's Introductory course you will know that if you have any issues whilst on a job, you will know exactly how to fix it.In the safe hands of a working industry-artist, you will learn the ins and outs of your airbrush so you never feel that your creativity is limited by your technical skills.

    Mistair will open your eyes up to using your airbrush for more than just foundation. Yes, perfecting the base is one of the most important aspects in make-up but we will delve into using your airbrush for everything, from blush to brows!
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