Get The Look – Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Look

Step 1

Lay down an orange base using mistFX in ‘Burnt Orange‘ with an airbrush, brush or sponge

Step 2

Mix a little ‘Just Red’ into the orange paint and start shading the indents of the pumpkin. For a smooth blend, this is best done with an airbrush but a sponge will do the job

Step 3

Using ‘It’s Black’ deepen the shading of the indents – this can be kept messy for a spookier look.

Step 4

Using the same black paint, shade the eye sockets and triangular nose. Use an airbrush or sponge around the eyes and paint the triangle using a brush. *If this look is to be worn for a long period of time, use Black H-Fix Liner for around the eyes to prevent cracking*

Step 5

Paint on an exaggerated mouth shape with a brush and black paint. Add teeth where desired by leaving the base colour showing. This step can be made to look really spooky by adding cracks and more shading.

Step 6

For the finishing touch, add some subtle highlights to the nose and mouth to look a bit more 3D. Either use ‘It’s White’ or ‘Canary Yellow’ for this.