Mistair Introduction to Airbrushing Course

Mistair has designed their training courses for professional artists, knowing that many courses can leave students with questions and a lack of confidence. When you leave Mistair’s Introductory course you will know that if you have any issues whilst on a job, you will know exactly how to fix it.In the safe hands of a working industry-artist, you will learn the ins and outs of your airbrush so you never feel that your creativity is limited by your technical skills.

Mistair will open your eyes up to using your airbrush for more than just foundation. Yes, perfecting the base is one of the most important aspects in make-up but we will delve into using your airbrush for everything, from blush to brows!

Why Airbrush?

Airbrushing is ideal for the most difficult ‘no-make-up’ look but adaptable enough to bring full-coverage glamour. One tool has never been so versatile!
High-Definition. Originally designed for Film and TV make-up artists for speedy perfection, airbrushing has become so popular due to its magical power to be undetectable on HD film
Hygiene. Any artist worth their salt will have an impeccable approach to hygiene and Mistair are here to help. Cross-contamination isn’t an issue thanks to dropper-bottles and an application tool which never touches the client. You can safely move from client to client without having to fully disinfect your airbrush
Versatility. Make-up, body paint, camouflage, temporary hair colour – one tool!
Durability. Nothing comes close to the staying power of airbrush make-up. Mistair Professional Airbrush Make-up has been designed to be resistant to water, perspiration, humidity and heat. Ideal for acting talent under hot lighting but have you ever wondered how celebrity make-up is still perfect after hours at a film premier in sweltering Los Angeles heat?
Cost-effective. Using an airbrush to apply make-up minimises product wastage. The airbrush doesn’t soak up product so a little goes a long way. You will be surprised at how little product is required when building up extremely light layers.

The Course

The day will start with a crash-course on the technicalities of an airbrush so you are familiar with what each part does and how to effectively care for and maintain your equipment.
Once happy with the workings of the kit, you will be shown and practice exercises to hone your airbrushing skills.
Next you will focus on make-up application. Foundation, contouring, highlighting, blush, brows and eyes. The course will teach you the essential techniques which you can then use to match your personal style – this isn’t a step-by-step tutorial to create a carbon-copy of one look, you will go away imagining all of the possibilities that you’ve just opened up!

Who For?

This course is perfect for the absolute beginner or the novice airbrush artist looking to learn how to properly use their tools to achieve whatever they want.

Mistair Academy

All equipment is provided on the day and there is absolutely no obligation to purchase, however on the training day you will be given an exclusive discount off all Mistair products.

Mistair’s next Introductory course is on 12th July – places are limited to give students maximum one-to-one tuition as possible so book now!

Please call 0121 708 4130 or email christine@mistair.com to book your place before it’s gone!